Show Schedule


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FEBRUARY (Jan 25 – Feb 25)
Main: Tena Navarette (Paintings) & Jay Perry (Wood Sculpture)
Feature Area: Angela Morrow (Leather & Monotype) 

MARCH (Feb 29 – Mar 24)
Main: Jill Torberson (Steel Sculpture), Kim Hamblin (Mixed Media)
Feature Area: Zoe Larson (Multi Media)

APRIL (Mar 28 – Apr 21)
Main: Susan Opie (Bronze) with James DeBoer, Gail Owen, Stirling Gorsuch, Heather Halpern, Davis TeSelle,
Margaret Van Patten & Nanette Wallace (Fine Art Prints)
Feature Area: Philip Stork (Painting)

MAY (Apr 25 – May 26)
Main: Paula Goodbar (Photo Surrealism) & Sally Prangley (Multi Medium Sculpture)
Feature Area: Gene Flores (Fine Art Prints)

JUNE (May 30 – Jun 23)
Main: Joanie Krug (Oil Painting) & Heather Bellamy (Ceramic Sculpture)
Feature Area: Dennis Anderson (Paintings)

JULY (June 27 – July 21)
The Toy Show

AUGUST (July 25 – Aug 25)
Main: Sara Swink (Ceramic Sculpture) & Stacey Dressen McQueen (Paintings)
Feature Area: Heather Jacks (Painter/Photographer)

SEPTEMBER (Aug 29 – Sept 22)
Main: Andrea Lopez (Painting) & Phoebe McAfee (Tapestry)
Feature Area: Jen Fuller (Glass Sculpture)

OCTOBER (Sept 26, Oct 27)
18th Day of the Dead

NOVEMBER (Oct 31 – Nov 24)
Main: Consu Tolosa (Acrylic Painting) & Kim Murton (Ceramic)
Feature Area: TBD

Little things (Nov 29 -)



Main: (January 5-January 24) Devin Bernard (Painting)
FA: (January 5-January 22)  Ken Overman (Mixed Media Painting)

Main: (January 26-February 21) Diane Erickson (Painting) – Zemula Fleming (Painting/Bead Art)
FA: (January 26-February 19 ) Rosey Covert (Woven Natural Fibers)

Main: (February 23-March 28)  Nanette Wallace (Monotype) – Bev Cordova (Ceramic Vessels)
FA: (February 23-March 26) Julie Anderson Bailey (Mixed Media Paper) – Janine Etherington (Mixed Media Wood Assemblage)

Main:  (March 30-April 25) Stephanie Brockway (Wood/Mixed Media Sculpture) – Jill McVarish (Oil Painting)
FA: (March 30-April  23) Wayne Jiang (Acrylic Painting)

Main: (April 27-May 23) Harsha Rodage (Painting) – Pamela Jensen (Bead Art)
FA: (April 27-May 21) Jill Torberson (Acrylic on Steel)

Main: (May 25-June 27) Paula Blackwell (Encaustic Painting) – Dan Pillers (Bricolage)
FA: (May 25-June 25) Stacy Kamin (Oil Painting)

The Toy Show (June 29-July 25)

Main: (July 27-August  29) Julie Ann Smith (Painting) – Candace Pratt (Glass/Fiber Sculpture)
FA: (July 27-August 27)  Amelia Opie (Painting) - Cheryl Quintana (Ceramic Wall Sculpture)

Main: (August 31-September 26) Shannon Weber (Mixed Media) – Ji-Min Lee (Ceramic Sculpture)
FA:(August 31-September 24) Gail Owen (Linocut) – Nathan Sandberg (Glass Sculpture)

Day of the Dead (September 28-October 24) 

Main: (October 26-November 19)  HsinYi Huang (Ceramic Sculpture) – Mary Lyn Gough (Watercolor)
FA: (October 26-November 19) Robin Kerr (Painting)

Little things (November 24-January 3)



Main: (January 6-January 25)  Paulina Archambault (paintings)  & Dick Graveline (ceramic sculpture)
FA: (January 6-January 23)  Samyak Yamauchi (painting)

Main: (January 27-February 22) Columbia Basin Basketry Guild
FA: (January 27-February 20 ) Stella Jae (paintings)

Main: (February 24-March 29)  Ralph Davis (acrylic paintngs) & Patrick Horsley (ceramic)
FA: (February 24-March 27) Paul Griffits (fractal works)

Main:  (March 31-April 26) Tomasz Misztal (sculpture and prints) 
FA: (March 31-April  24) Linda Buechler (paintings)

Main: (April 28-May 24) Reed Clarke  (oil paintings) & Christopher Wagner (carved wood sculpture)
FA: (April 28-May 22) Gesine Kratzner (ceramic sculpture) Jennifer Mercede (Paintings)

Main: (May 26-June 26) Dayna Collins (oil/cold wax paintings) & Nadine Gay (ceramic sculpture)
FA: (May 26-June 26) Chi Meredith (paintings)

The Toy Show (June 30-July 24)

Main: (July 28-August  23) Carolyn Garcia (painting/drawing)  & Debrah Unger (wood carving/mixed media
FA: (July 28-August 21) Megan Gossett (Paintings)

Main: (August 25-September 25) Denise Kester (monotypes) & Mary Moore (ceramic)
FA:(August 25-September 25) Joanie Krug (oil paintings)

Day of the Dead (September 29-October 23) 

Main: (October 27-November 20)  Elizabeth Shupe & Laura Barstow (beaded sculpture)
FA: (October 27-November 20) Sara Waldron (oil paintings)

Little things (November 25-December)


January(December 28 – January 24)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: January Print Show

February(January 28 – February 21)
MAIN: Paul Trapp (shaped paintings) & Rodney Stuart (wood sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Mary Lyn Gough (watercolor)

March(February 25 – March 23)
MAIN: Kelly Neidig (paintings) & Adrienne Eliades (ceramics)
FEATURE AREA: Justin Auld (paintings)

Aprill (March 25 – April 27)
MAIN: Mar Goman (mixed medium) & Marcia Jeglum (paper cut)
FEATURE AREA: Susan Opie (felt)

May (April 29 – May 25)
MAIN: Hickory Mertsching (oil painting) & Dan Pillers (mixed media)
FEATURE AREA: Steve Wenshi Chan (Woodblock relief)

June (May 27 – June 20)
MAIN: Jill McVarish (oil painting) & Stephanie Brockway (wood/mixed media)
FEATURE AREA: Mike Wellins (mixed media)

July (June 24 – July 25)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: Toys (group show)

August (July 29 – August 24)
MAIN: Nanette Wallace (monotype) & Dennis Peterson (sculpture, wood)
FEATURE AREA: Gail Owen (linoleum relief prints) & Scot Cameron Bell (ceramic

September (August 26 – September 26)
MAIN: Shanon Playford (oil painting) & Charissa Brock (bamboo sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Francie Allen (wire sculpture)

October(September 30 – October 24)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: Day of the Dead Group Show

November(October 28 – November 21)
MAIN: Dennis Meiners (ceramic) & Poppy Dully (prints/books)
FEATURE AREA: Siri Schillios (Paintings)

December(November 26 – December 26)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: 21st AnnualLittle Things


January(January 4 – January 28)
MAIN: January Print Show
FEATURE AREA: Anshula Tayal (Prints/Ceramic)

February(January 30 – February 25)
MAIN: Consu Tolosa (Paintings ) & Tamae Frame (Ceramic Sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Marie Noorani (Handmade Paper) & Karen Russo (Ceramic Sculpture)

March(February 27 – March 24)
MAIN: William Liu (Paintings) & Dennis Peterson (Wood Sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Wayne Jiang (Paintings) & Virginia McKinney (Ceramic Sculpture)

April(March 26 – April 28)
MAIN: Rogene Manas (Paper Clay) & Stan Peterson (Wood Sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Mary Lee (Encaustic) & Karen Thurman (Felt Sculpture)

May(April 30 – May 26)
MAIN: Sara Swink (Ceramic Sculpture) & Carolyn Hazel Drake (fiber)
FEATURE AREA: Ralph Davis (Paintings)

June(May 28 – June 23)
MAIN: Cathie Joy Young (Paintings) & Kim Murton (Ceramic Sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Reed Clarke (Paintings/Prints)

July(June 25 – July 28)
MAIN: Carolyn Garcia (Paintings) & Deborah Unger (Mixed Media Sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Susan Opie (Felt Sculpture)

August(July 30 – August 25)
MAIN: Cameron York (Etchings) & Lynn Latta (Ceramic Sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Thomas Rude (Prints/Sculpture)

September(August 27 – September 20)
MAIN: Fran Lee (Etchings) & Kathleen Powers (Paintings)
FEATURE AREA: Hsin-Yi Huang (Ceramic Sculpture)

October(September 24 – October 25)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: Day of the Dead Group Show

November(October 29 – November 22)
MAIN: Joanie Krug (oil on canvas)
FEATURE AREA: Alan Wieder (photography)

December(November 20-December 27)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: 20th Little Things


January(January 3 – January 29)
MAIN: January Print Show
FEATURE AREA: Devin Bernard (Paintings)

February(January 31 – February 26)
MAIN: Paula Blackwell (Paintings ) & Hanna Traynham (Ceramic Sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Celeste LeBlanc (Kiln Fired Glass)

March(February 28 – March 26)
MAIN: Karen Thurman (Felted Sculptures) & Claire Browne (Mixed Media)
FEATURE AREA: Jikai Golan (Mixed media Paintings on Paper)

April(March 28 – April 23)
MAIN: Clarissa Callesen (Fiber Sculpture) & Mar Goman (Fiber /Mixed Media)
FEATURE AREA: Jay Humphreys (Wood Construction)

May(April 25 – May 28)
MAIN: Jill Torbeson (Metal Sculpture) & Clement Lee (Abstract Painting)
FEATURE AREA: Poppy Dully (Books/Prints)

June(May 30 – June 25)
MAIN: Hickory Mertsching (Oil Paintings) & Dan Pillers (Wood/Mixed Media Sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Dave Benz (Walnut Ink Paintings)

July(June 27 – July 23)
MAIN: Gail Owen Relief (Prints ) & Maude May (Fiber Mixed Media)
FEATURE AREA: Denise Graham (Paintings )

August(July 25 – August 27)
MAIN: Sarah Waldron (Oil Paintings) & Shannon Weber (natural materials)
FEATURE AREA: Dayna Collins (Mixed media) & Michelle Gallager (Ceramics sculpture)

September(August 29 – September 22)
MAIN: Exquisite Corpse-Dave Benz, Nanette Wallace & Karen Wippich
FEATURE AREA: William Hernandez  (Paintings)

October(September 26 – October 29)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: Day of the Dead Group Show

November(October 31 – November 24)
MAIN: Jay & Janet O’Rourke (Wood/Painted Vessels) & Jennifer Mercede (Paintings)
FEATURE AREA: Chayo Wilson (Ceramic & metal)

MAIN & FEATURE AREA: Little Things 19


January (December30, 2017-January 23 )
MAIN: Carol Chapel – Drawings Jerri Bartholomew – Glass/mixed media
FEATURE AREA: Paul Griffitts – Fractal

February (January 25-February 20)
MAIN: Bryn Harding – Etchings -Susan Opie – Bronze
FEATURE AREA: Nancy Abens – Color Photo

March (February 22-March 27)
MAIN: Kelly Neidig – Paintings -Rodney C. Stuart – Wood Assemblage
FEATURE AREA: Nanette Wallace – Printmaker/Painter

April (March 29-April 24)
MAIN: Paul Rutz – Oil Paintings -Christopher Wagner – Wood Sculpture
FEATURE AREA: Stirling Gorsuch – Printmaker Amy Ruedinger – Copper Vessel

May (April 26-May 29)
MAIN: Reed Clarke – Oil Paintings-Brad McLemore – Ceramic
FEATURE AREA: Ralph Davis – Paintings

June (May 31-June 26)
MAIN: Consu Tolosa – Paintings -Helen Kaufman – Carved Ceramic
FEATURE AREA: Hazel Glass – Cut Paper -Rose Covert – Fiber/Baskets

July (June 28-July 24)
MAIN: Andie Furtado – Oil Paintings-Cary Weigand – Ceramic Figurative
FEATURE AREA: Jacqueline McIntyre – Multi-media/Painting-Karen Russo -ceramic sculpture

August (July 26-August 28)
MAIN: Matteo Neivert – Painter -Virginia McKinney – Ceramic/Metal
FEATURE AREA: Steve Winkenwerder- Drawings -Dennis Meiners – Mishima-illustrated ceramics

September (August 30-September 25)
Main: Mike Vos – Photography -Michele Collier-ceramic figures
FEATURE AREA: Penda Diakité – Collage -Andy Kennedy – Ceramic Figure/Heads
WINDOW: Day of the Dead Preview window

October (September 27-October 23)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: Day of the Dead Group Show

November (October 25-November 27)
MAIN: Adriene Cruz – Fiber
FEATURE AREA: Sally Squire – Ceramic

December (November-December)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: Little Things 18


January(December 29-January 24)
MAIN: Tapestry (Willamette Tapestry Artists)
FEATURE AREA:  Patrick George (inaglio)

February(January 26-February 21)
MAIN: Cathie Joy Young (paintings) & Kim Murton (ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Devin Bernard (paintings)

March(February 23-March 28)
MAIN: Hsin-Yi Huang (ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Lisa Conway (ceramic sculpture)
Window gallery: Hennig Family  (ceramics)
Pop-Up Ceramic show (in the Back Shop)

April(March 30-April 25)
MAIN: Anne Goodrich (ceramic sculpture) & Gail Owen (relief prints)
FEATURE AREA: Zebith Thalden (mixed media)

May(April 25-May 23)
MAIN: Mar Goman (mixed media)
FEATURE AREA: Dayna Collins (paintings)

June(May 25-June 27)
MAIN: Tamae Frame (ceramic sculpture) & Dave Benz (walnut ink)
FEATURE AREA: Samyak Yamauchi (paintings)

July(June 29-July 25)
MAIN: Carolyn Garcia (mixed media) & Deborah Unger (wood/mixed media)
FEATURE AREA: Nadine Gay (ceramic/mixed media)

August(July 27-August 29)
MAIN: Shannon Weber (mixed media sculpture & encaustic) & Chi Meredith (paintings)
FEATURE AREA: Michael Kurz (paintings)

September(August 31-September 26)
Main: Beverly Soasey (mixed media) & Beth Robinson (mixed media collage)
FEATURE AREA: Sue Thomas (paintings) & Scot Cameron-Bell (ceramic)

Octoberr (September 28-October 24)
MAIN: Day of the Dead Group Show
FEATURE AREA: Mavis Leahy (textile and mixed media)

Novemberr (October 26-November 24
MAIN: David Nez (paintings) & Dan Pillers (wood/mixed media)
FEATURE AREA: Linda Robertson (encaustic)
WINDOW: Christopher Wagner (carved and painted wood)

Little Things 17


Mike Wellins (painting on laser cut wood) & Michael Edward McGovern (mono-prints)
FEATURE AREA (Jan 2-Jan 24)
Paul Trapp (shaped paintings)

MAIN GALLERY (Jan 28-Feb 23)
Phoebe McAfee (tapestry) & Carolyn Hazel Drake (ceramic/fiber)
Anna Wiancko-Chasman (mixed media)

MAIN GALLERY (Feb 25-Mar 29)
Dennis Anderson (paintings) & Marcia T Smith (ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA (Feb 25-Mar 27)
James Lilly (painted wood constructions)

MAIN GALLERY (Mar 31–Apr 26)
Sally Squire (ceramic/mixed media) & Janet Ronacher (mixed media baskets)
FEATURE AREA (Mar 31–Apr 24)
Patrick Noe (ceramic sculpture & reliefs)

MAIN GALLERY (Apr 28-May 24)
Christopher St.John (paintings) & Cathi Newlin (ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA (Apr 28-May 22)
Ralph Davis (paintings/mixed media)

MAIN GALLERY (May 26-June 28)
Gay Freeborn (oil paintings) & Karen Croner (mixed media sculpture)
FEATURE AREA (May 26-June 26)
Kelli MacConnell (relief prints) & Yelena Roslaya (ceramic sculpture)

MAIN GALLERY (June 30- July 26)
Betsy LeVine (oil paintings) & Dennis Floyd (prints)
FEATURE AREA (June 30- July 24)
Jeanne Drevas (mixed media)

MAIN GALLERY (July 28-Aug 23)
Reed Clarke (oil paintings & prints)
FEATURE AREA (July 28-Aug 21)
Alicia Justus (drawings/mixed media) & Dawn Panttaja (ceramic doll-sculpture)

MAIN GALLERY (Aug 25-Sept 27)
Jill McVarish (oil paintings) & Mark Clarson (cast glass)
FEATURE AREA (Aug 25-Sept 25)
Rogene Manas (paper clay & paint)

MAIN GALLERY (Sept 29-Oct 25)
10th Annual Day of the Dead
FEATURE AREA (Sept 29-Oct 23)
Alisa Looney (enamel on steel)

MAIN GALLERY (Oct 27-Nov 19)
Lynda Golan (paintings) & Terresa White (bronze & ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA (Oct 27-Nov 19)
Stacy Polson (needle felted sculpture)

15th Annual Little Things