Artists: Bruce Fontaine

There are two things that I most enjoy about clay. One is being able to work on the potters wheel. I get a sense of accomplishing something physically gratifying when I am able to complete a form I choose. The other is sculpture. I feel connected with the medium when I can push, pull and indent the substance into a representational detail. I begin each piece by drawing or envisioning the design. Next, if it is part of the concept, I throw the necessary pottery shapes on the wheel and allow the form become slightly stiffened overnight or longer. When the clay has approached the desired consistency, I sculpt and add pieces, join forms together, and dry to prepare for the two or more firings that follow. I use different colored mixes of clay that have the same rate of shrinkage. I consider my work to be an “urban folk art” style. Although I have formal training in art, I strive to emulate the feeling of clay works by ancient and indigenous people of the world. My focus is contemporary. I give most of my works anthropomorphic qualities, or characteristics of humans. I am influenced by the people around me, and they become subjects of my work. I appreciate that people smile, laugh or even look perplexed when they see my work.
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    Bruce Fontaine
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