September 2020: Fran Lee & Kathleen Powers

Kathleen Powers I am inspired to paint and write about animals like common opossums, birds, skunk and rodents because they are usually thought of as pests - or often, not even thought of at all. Yet, they are important components of our ecosystem - living as intelligent, highly adaptable survivors and protective parents to their young. I do not think they get the credit or spotlight they deserve. I have always liked fables and short stories where animals can reflect our lives back to us - hopefully teaching us a little something about ourselves in the end.  

Fran Lee “My artwork has been about subtle narratives in nature, and also about the pureness of nature as a graphic element. My eye is drawn to the color, shape, composition, graphic pattern, and spirit of living things, animal life, wild and tame. By painting or making a print, I am honoring them, documenting my visual respect. There is also a narrative that finds it’s way into my art, the relationship between animals and humans, female and male. Fur upon skin, skin upon feathers. Is it love? Is it fear? It is a bit of a wink, the small size adds to the secrecy, a folk tale with a step beyond reality. It is an exploration of my personal place/space in this world.  In pursuing the graphic & narrative elements in my work, I am excited to see what happens next. What I love about an etching plate is the element of 3D, working with copper, often the plate is as beautiful as the print.”

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