September 2017: Chi Meredith & Shannon Weber

Shannon Weber works in 3D fiber sculpture. Her organic vessels and assemblages use a mixture of techniques from stitching, cold connections, weaving in multiple layers. Shannon sees every material as an option and is fearless about the collection of those materials. “By applying ancient techniques and transitioning to contemporary designs, I can achieve my desired effects by using a mixture of repetitive layers, weaving, stitching, cold connections, painting, and encaustic. These multiple applications make it very easy to blend metal, wire, coastal debris, rubber, and organic materials of all kinds. Each layer of material, mixed with different techniques, begins to build a  structure that gives the objects and vessels their form and opens doors for detailed surface design embellishments. My attraction to working with Fiber is with the options it presents in its ability to shape-shift when using a variety of reclaimed materials and found objects.”   

Chi Meredith abstract paintings are developed in layers. She begins a painting by drawing lines and forms with a charcoal pencil directly on the canvas. Next she paints the areas to fill in the design and cover the whole area of the canvas. Then she begins over-painting and scraping the surface, adding texture using lines, dots, and abstract shapes. Meredith uses color to differentiate shapes and areas, and to enhance the image. As she explains “Eventually the surface develops depth, giving glimpses into the previous layers. I am seeking an image that conveys contrast between organic and geometric elements of design.  I want the complexity of the painting to draw the viewer in close. My background in math and science related disciplines has influenced the non-objective direction of my artwork.”