September 2004: Gabriel Fernandez & Mark Teresa

Gabriel Fernandez will be showing recent oil paintings.  His work will explore the images, beauty and loneliness of deserted spaces.  Examples of these scenes include empty rooms, chairs and urban landscapes.  Northeast Portland neighborhoods have been a recent theme. The show is an exploration of the silent scenes before and after dramatic  moments of our lives.  Lately he has been focused on the formal elements of painting: texture, shapes and color.

Mark Teresa will be presenting mixed media constructions.  Teresa has a background (two Masters degrees ) in both Architecture and Psychology.  This becomes evident when you view his constructions.  He is interested in the installation of small disparate objects to tell a story, such as walking into an artist/poet' studio that has been taken apart and then reassembled.  Teresa' assemblages are constructed from found objects.  They are colorful and eclectic.