October 2019: Dia de los Muertos #13

The 13th annual “Day of the Dead” is a loving celebration about taking away the mystique of death with art raging from lighthearted to deeply profound. This year 56 artists were asked to interpret this Latino tradition and make it their own. This show features paintings, ceramics, fabric, wood, embroidery and more. Opens Last Thursday, September 26, 6-9pm with art, live music, public altars, costumes. The show will run through Oct  27.

Diane Archer, Kristen Bennett, Dave Benz, Louise Brewer, Tory Brokenshire, Sephanie Brockway, Nora Brodnicki, Alea Bone, Geahk Burchill, Dayna Collins, Richard Cutshall, Sheri Debow, Gene Flores, Amy Frazer, Davis Friedman, Michelle Gallagher, Mini Giri, Alison Grayson, Dan Hennig, Jen & Iver Hennig, Marcia Jeglum, Janet Julian, Alicia Justus, Melissa Kojima, Lynn Latta, Irene Lawson, Celeste Le Blanc, Mavis Leahy, Wendy Malinow, Rogene Manas, Maude May, Hickory Mertsching, Angela Meyers, Lulu Moon Murakami, Beth Myrick, Gail Owen, Dan Pillers, Ron Rogers, Thomas Rude, Lalya Schubert, Sara Swink, Consu Tolosa, Orquidia Violeta, Nanette Wallace, Mike Wellins, Anna Wiancko-Chasman, Robyn Williams, Chayo Wilson Steve Winkenwerder, Samyak Yamauchi, Cathi Joy Young, Rachel Young, Noelle Zimmel