October 2017: Dia de los Muertos

We will be celebrating, in the unique Portland style, 11 years of the Day of the Dead group shows at the Gallery. Each year we ask artists to create art (colorful and otherwise) to commemorate our ancestors and departed loved ones, including pets. Over 48 artists will participate. There will be lots to see from paintings, prints, wood, ceramics and more!
Dave Benz
Alea Bone
Stephanie Brockway
Tory Brokenshire
Shelly Caldwell
Scot Cameron-Bell
Dayna Collins
Ralph Davis
Jeanne Drevas
Cenya Eichengreen
Jaclyn Evalds
Amy Frazer
Michelle Gallagher
Mar Goman
Denise Graham
Kim Hamblin
Bill Horgos
Rebecca Hubbs
Jackie Hurlbert
Janet Julian
Alicia Justus
Celeste LeBlanc
Wendy Malinow
Virginia McKinney
Sylvia Miller
Lulu Moon Murakami
Tara Murino-Brault
Kim Murton
David Mylin
Amanda Myers
Cathi Newlin
Gail Owen
Dawn Panttaja
Stan Peterson
Kelly Phipps
Marlene Robbins
Frank Salcido
Amy Stoner
Mike Wellins
Anna Wiancko
Robyn Williams
Chayo Wilson
Kate Winfield
Karen Wippich
Samyak Yamauchi
Cathie Joy Young.