October 2015: Dia de los Muertos #9

The 9th Annual Day of the Dead group show is here again. Artists were given the challenge of interpreting the popular festival. Area artists translated honoring the dead and established Day of the Dead traditions into contemporary terms, some humorous and others deeply profound. But always with individual flare. The mediums used in the show are as varied as the artists: beadwork, ceramics, glass, metal, paintings, stitchery, wood and mixed media.Participating artists this year:
Nikki Blackwood
Dave Benz
Alea Bone
Stephanie Brockway
Jason Borders
Linda Buechler
Debra Barcus
Jennifer Campbell
Greg Carrigan
Dayna Collins
Jeanne Drevas
Cenya Eichengreen
Michelle Gallagher
Carolyn Garcia
Kim Hamblin
Jo James
Janet Julian
Alicia Justus
Paula Kjorlie
Mavis Leahy
Rogene Manas
Josh & Eli Mazet
Jill McVarish
Sylvia Miller
Lulu Moon Murakami
Amanda Moore
Kim Murton
Alison O'Donoghue
Tabor Porter
Rachael Rice
Matt Schlosky
Gloria Sowell
Amy Stoner
Sarah Trahan
Chris Tymoshuk
Deborah Unger
Robin Williams
Cathie Joy Young.