October 2002: Lorna Nakell & Kim Hamblin

Lorna Nakell uses appropriated and redesigned images from the 1950'-1970' in her acrylic paintings. Nakell presents vibrant new paintings with a spin on the Americana theme. Like a history teacher corrupted by conspiracy theories, Nakell reveals a timeline that includes Neanderthals while simultaneously suggesting that Jell-O is, somehow, a missing link. In addition, her depictions of America' race to the moon and to the atomic age are poignant and ironically relevant to today' events.

Kim Hamblin' theme for this show is "How to....." Hamblin explains that during the 1950' there was an abundance of "How to" books published and they have been a rich resource of inspiration for her. In Hamblin' repertoire is "How to brush your teeth", "How to know if he loves you", and "How to have sex". Her latest mixed media pieces use paper, metal and nails.....lots of nails. As Hamblin puts it, she "sort of has a compulsion with hammering nails and must be working out some obsession.".