October 2002: Four Visions: Terri Fletcher Susan Kristoferson Karen McCarthy JoAnne Schiavone

All four artists work with speciality papers. They use Shibori, paste papers, hand patterned or textures papers to create their assemblages. All have a high degree of sensitivity to the textural and visual qualities that the materials (primarily paper) that they are working with. Each explores paper and surface embellishments to produce wall pieces, screens, books or boxes.

They have come together from across the country for this show: Karen McCarthy is from Maine, JoAnne Schiavone, from Pennsylvania, Terri Fletcher, from Washington and Susan Kristoferson, from Corvallis OR.

The four women will be presenting a prequel to the 21st annual meeting of the Friends of Dard Hunter. Every year the paper conference is held somewhere in the United States. This year's meeting will take place in Portland at the end the month, October 23-27.