November 2023 - Robin Kerr

“This collection of abstract(ed) mixed-media works on canvas and wood panel is intended (through unexpected combinations of material, shapes, color, patterns, scale, aspect and perspective) to encourage a second look; Maybe something will interrupt the viewers normal train of thought, perhaps something will trigger a memory or feeling or idea, possibly something prompts a smile or question or the germ of a story. The work is successful if a dialogue of sorts occurs between the viewer and art. Acrylic paint, wax pastel, ink and fabric are the main media used in these works. Paint is ragged onto the canvas or panel first, then the various shapes or marks are layered on top. Restrict methods using blue painters' tape or vinyl cutouts form the bigger shapes where within multiple layers of acrylic paint and wax pastel are blended and smudged together. The very fine lines are ink or are created by scraping off the top layer of wax pastel using an Xacto knife. A metal etching tool is sometimes used to indent the wax pastel or paint to create texture or transfer color. Often a piece of fabric, sometimes a fragment of the original ragging cloth, becomes a collage element. Constant experimentation with materials and tools ensures each piece tells a different story.