November 2023- HsinYi Huang

Hsin-Yi Huang is a ceramic artist with a preference for porcelain. “I love the smoothness of porcelain and how glaze colors respond to it. I use various techniques when constructing each piece including wheel-throwing, altering the resulting form and hand-building. I use multiple tools to achieve the results – hand tools, rolling pins, extruders, clay and plaster molds. Regarding glazing, I prefer a non-shiny surface primarily using stains and colored slips. One of my favorite stains is black copper oxide. When I apply it onto the surface and then wipe it away, leaving it only in therecessed area, the fired result is that it accentuates the design even with layers of slips over it. I often spray glazing material to achieve a smooth and even surface and that I can achieve the look of translucency by spraying many thin layers of slips.