November 2022: Laura Barstow

Laura Barstow grew up in various towns and cities of the Pacific
Northwest. She developed a vivid imagination at a young age and doesn't remember a time when she didn't see objects as pieces of a bigger thing that just hadn't been put together yet. Beginning with stained glass in high school in the early '80's, she has been playing with various forms and mediums as the demands of life and living space allow. In April of 2020, with uncertainty facing the entire world, she decided to mail order a small fortune worth of beads and learn the process of seed bead mosaics. Thus began her work with beaded assemblage. Her pieces are not pre-planned or designed and her studio is more chaotic playground than workspace - imagine Snow White on psychedelics in Dr. Frankenstein's lab. Laura hopes to move to larger work in the future, incorporating beading with assemblage and textiles. She is inspired by free piles, flea markets, road trips, abandoned buildings, and young people who believe in the future.