November 2020: Joanie Krug & Alan Wieder

Joanie Krug is attracted to the unexpected, even the random event that occurs for each of us on a daily basis. Her work challenges us to embrace the turnarounds in life that leave us with a different perspective and invites us to land in a new space. Her subject matter predominantly focuses on women in expressive emotional and social moments. The spontaneity of gesture fuels the spirit of her imagery. Most recently, she has been exploring different means to move paint on the surface of the canvas in order to create varied textures, atmosphere and emotion. 

Alan Wieder began photographing over 45 years ago in Columbus, Ohio. Since that time he has taken photographs in Asia, Africa, Europe, and throughout the Americas. Most of this work has been near his homes in South Carolina, Cape Town, and Portland. He has been privileged to study with master photographers Bruce Gilden, Peter Turnley, David Alan Harvey, Constantine Manos and Nikos Econopoulos. The photographs on exhibition are from his series, “Reading in Public Places.” Pictures were taken of people in various settings in Cuba, Mexico, Mozambique, Uganda, and the United States – many where he lives in Portland. Some show readers in predictable environments – for example; coffeeshops, newsstands, and urban parks. But, there are also images of individuals in shops, selling firewood in an open lot, and at food carts in Portland