November 2019: Chayo Wilson

Chayo Wilson has entitled her show: “When steel meets clay”. And that is what this show is all about. Chayo Wilson is a clay artist, working with steel artists. “In 2016 , amazing metal artist Bill Leigh asked me to make a face for a sculpture he was working on. A whole new world opened up to me which took my visions to a new level. I throughly love the process of collaboration and what emerges, and I now collaborate with several artists as an ever expanding universe of possibilities unfold.“ To quote Chayo “I completely enjoy the art and process of making things. I am doing Wood and Barrel firings as well as Electric. My clay work is a co creation with all the elements; Earth, is the clay. I work with Water to shape my pieces, Air dries and hardens them, and Fire transforms the clays consistency. I paint with natural glaze colors to enhance the beauty and once again Fire unites the elements. There is also the element of Surprise; I never know exactly how each pot will evolve which is part of the lure to work each day.”