November 2011: Dia de los Muertos

This will be the fifth annual “Day of the Dead” event here at the gallery. Twenty-one artists have created artwork especially for this show. Currated by Stephanie Brockway, the selected artists have used their imagination to interpretation and commemorate ancestors and departed loved ones…from whimsical, political, to painfully personal.  They have made this ancient ritual their own and reclaimed it in contemporary times.  The Feature Area and the Window Gallery will be filled with and incredible range of art. For an example, a small suitcase is filled with an assemblage of Frida Kahlo memorabilia, a Muddy Water’s coffin comment on his death, small altars and shrines explore the theme of honoring those who have passed on. The event is an excuse to explore death and de-mystify the fear of darkness and celebrate the act of remembrance and love. Participating arts are: Carol Arian, Robin Bachtler-Cushman, Stephanie Brockway, Tory Brokenshire,, Scot Cameron-Bell, Barb Campbell, Greg Carrigan, Javier Cervantes, Richard Cutshall, Gene Flores Mar Gomam, Janet Julian, Lisa Kaser, Kim Murton, Tabor Porter, Rachael Rice, Ron Rogers, Gloria Sowell, Judy Wise, Cathie Joy Young and Catherine Zaccarrio (Junker Jane).