November 2006: Group 669: Polaroid Based Photography

Group 669 members create their art from Polaroids that have been boiled, squished, rolled, painted, and otherwise manipulated by hand to create intriguing one-of-a-kind works of art.  Most of the original work started out as 3” X 4”.  They were digitally captured and printed as 16” X 20” on fine art paper.  These are processes of SX-70 Manipulation, Image Transfer and Emulsion Lift. Group 669 started in 2001 by photographer Jane Keating, a Polaroid Creative Use Consultant.  She identified a need for a forum to share work, ideas, inspiration and resources.  The group strives to support each individual’s goals as artists and have as much fun as possible in the process. Group 669 is a diverse group who have come together over their continuing delight in this unique, unpredictable and evolving art form.   For this show each of the thirteen photographers brought several prints to group meetings for an energetic process of choosing prints for the show.Group 669 members are Sean Ben-Safed, Mary Brentano, Natasia Chan, Christine Eagon, Char Eickholt, LeeAnn Gauthier, Barbara Gilbert, Jane Keating, Flo McWillis, Joan Murphy, Randy Rasmussen, Kimberly Kay Taylor and Monica Wheeler.