May 2023 - Harsha Rodage

Harsha Rodage’s work is realistic figurative art portraying Indian women, their relationships, and the culture. “I landed in the US with an infant girl, and I always had this question “how do I pass on our culture to her. Most of my current work and future projects focus on that part of my life. My next projects are going to depict mother daughter relationships. I am also working on a still life series named “Treasures”. “Treasures”, it is an effort to depict such memories. Some might be keepsakes, some might be adorning our homes giving that traditional feel, some might be part of our daily lives, but all of them are the happiness that we carry with us when we leave home, to come back to this home. I use pastel pencils, pan-pastels, on black paper. It takes 12-15 layers to achieve the desired skin tone or the fabric. I personally like doing jewelry and fabric details. In my series called “New beginnings”, I have tried to portray Indian brides on their special day with various emotions captured in different pieces. The art piece “Vidhi (Ritual)” depicts bride performing rituals and in the piece “Engrossed” you should be able to see the happy dreams behind the closed eyes. It also signifies “New Beginnings” of my life as I start my journey into the magnificent world of art.”