May 2022: Jennifer Mercede - Ink & Acrylic

Jennifer’s painting style references free-flowing text, bright color fields, and crazy, energetic doodling. Her paintings for this show is mostly doodles colored in fun color palettes. Usually my doodles are strictly abstract but in this series I’ve added some birds and flower. Jennifer’s art is meant to engender joy and motivate, and she gets inspired by life adventures, children’s art, old-school hip hop, graffiti, abstract expressionism, and creative friends. “Abstract compositions form intuitively as a result of this relationship, often integrating a free flow of text and an increasing use of recog-nizeable objects.  With deliberate subconscious, they reflect how I perceive the surrounding world. I am free to draw animals and flowers as I see them, with freedom of lines unerased and shapes filled in with no regard to reality, just play of fun, vibrating color combinations and doodle fill-ins. It is my intention to share cheer with the world, from wherever inside me it may come forth.”