May 2022: Gesine Kratzner - Ceramic

“My life, as seen from space, is a dotted line that leads from a small town in Germany to art college in Stuttgart, on to London, where I earned an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art, and then across the pond to Portland, Oregon.Animation: In the UK I worked as a freelancer for media companies including Aardman and the BBC before taking a job with animation studio LAIKA (then Will Vinton Studios) in Portland. As a designer and a director I have shaped the look of award winning advertising campaigns and short films. Highlights of my animation career include design for Puget Sound Energy, Ben&Jerry’s, eggos,, The Goodlife Recipe and ESPN and direction for m+m’s, The American Cheese Board, Oxfam and Crayola. For the Harvard Medical School I designed and directed the animation for Once Upon A Tide, an educational film about the health of our oceans. I have also contributed character designs to feature film development. Art and Illustration: Most of all I love to draw and sculpt squiggly creatures and to dream up small worlds and stories for them to inhabit. In the last few years I have been lucky enough to be able to concentrate on my personal art.”