May 2017: Mar Goman

Mar Goman, appliquéd and stitched handkerchief Mar Goman has her own style that comes through with everything she creates.  Mar puts her individual stamp on her “curious art”.  She continues to make art out of just about everything that isn’t still moving and to uses an array of found and recycled objects along with more traditional art supplies. Her materials are, as she says, “anything I can ge my hands on” and the techniques she uses are as varied: she cuts and pastes, stitches, draws, painst, stamps, collects, assembles, binds, wraps, nails, drills and carves. Work in this show will include a grouping of embroidered textile pieces, several button banners, an installation of painted cardboard tubes, an array of painted rocks, a set of fabric scrolls, and some new pieces from the ongoing Pharmacy of the Soul series.  Mar explains “From childhood, I have loved to make things with my hands, and this is my primary art activity–simply making things.”  Her work is often about the interior journey, our invisible wounds, our common humanity, and the process of becoming authentic spiritual human beings.