May 2009: Karyn Gabriel

The body of work planned for the show are constructed of paper-thin slabs of porcelain, fired to cone 6 with oxide stain,   combined with various structures formed out of steel wire shown on a pedestal/counter.   Forms are minimalist in nature, with slabs held together in groupings by the tension of the wire.  The steel wire is twined with a lighter gauged wire  or sometimes with colored waxed linen thread. The slabs for me represent the layers of life experience that are built up and the tenuous nature of holding all these aspects together (the wire frames).   Two images on my original cd you have illustrates this general direction and I've attached them here again.  As previously mentioned, new photos coming this weekend if all goes well.  I will also have several wire/slab wall pieces and then some new versions of  my wall stelas relating to the pedestal objects.