May 2008: David Strough & Julie Ann Smith

Realism is toyed with in the art of David Strough, with large scale mixed media constructions, & Julie Ann Smith, with small intimate paintings, at the next show at the Guardino Gallery. The show will open on Thursday, April 24 with an artists reception from 6-9 pm and run through May 27

Julie Ann Smith creates small intimate paintings. She works in oils using a classical technique of under-painting in brown, black and white before adding color. “It is a little like reconstructing dreams, then analyzing them” she explains. The paintings in this show are a continuation of her “family ties” theme. Personal and introspective, Smith is delving into her experience of growing up in Portland.

David Strough, aka Bouche de St.Rough, creates multi faceted mixed media constructions. In this show he concentrates on ”walls on walls”. His pieces look as though someone went into an old abandoned house and tore out a section of the wall and whatever was hanging on it. The usually hidden lathe and plaster is also exposed, along with the wallpaper de jour.