May 2005: Jamee Linton mixed media dress sculptures

Jamee Linton will be presenting mixed media dress sculptures.  Using a variety of materials, from clay and resin for the bodice to wire and sticks for the skirts, her artwork mimics the image of a dress form. Linton is attracted the concept of a dress shape because it allows her to explore and reveal characteristics of who we are. To quote Linton "The dress form personifies the abstract idea of change and becomes a metaphor for identity." In one of her pieces, entitled "Mother", a bodice made of glazed clay is set upon a skirt of twigs, suggesting the fertility and nurturing instinct a mother.  In another, the skirt is made of netting, which floats over a wire birdcage, with a key suspended inside.  The torso is plaster with a rust patina created to suggest time progression.  While several of the forms will be life size, the majority of sculptures range from one to two feet tall.