May 2004: Mar Goman Multi Medium

Goman nearly always works in series, producing a number of small elements which fit together to make a larger piece or installment.  She tries not to place boundaries on her work in terms of media or materials and uses natural objects and the cast-offs of a consumer society.  Flattened pieces of metal, rusty bottle caps, bones, stones, weathered wood and recycled fibers all appear in her work.  She collects wasp paper, rusted tools, bird skulls, fur, teeth, old games pieces, cigar boxes, and whatever cast-offs friends bring her to include in her work. She refers to herself as primarily  an "object maker".

Mar Goman' work will include a variety of media including fiber figures, carved wooden figures, paintings, drawings and sets of wooden cut-outs.  A wide variety of media from stones to works on paper will be part of the visual richness  of Mar Goman' presentation. Her work is influenced primarily by her spiritual journey and her interest in tribal arts and culture.  Her intent is to explore, through visual imagery, the human psycho- spiritual journey, conveying more about spirituality than about any one specific religion.