March 2023: Nanette Wallace

Show title: Reflect.” My monotypes often feature imaginative narratives that ride the line between elegant and uncomfortable. The gestural figures are an intuitive and emotional response to the world around me, with an especially deep connection to water, light and nature. I approach the work with an emphasis on experimentation allowing the spontaneous nature of the monotype to guide me. These monotypes were created by rolling a solid layer of ink onto a plexiglass plate, then ink was then removed from and added back onto the plate using q-tips, a brayer and my finger covered in a cotton cloth. After making a crisp or clear image on the plate, I often obscures it by rolling a fine layer of ink back over top of the image to see what spontaneous nuances develop. The image is then transferred onto a sheet of paper by pressing the plate and paper together using a printing press creating one singular original print. Each monotype is an original painting that is printed on paper, no duplicates.