March 2023: Julie Anderson Baily

“In this body of mixed media work, I’m exploring the nature of life at the cellular level and humanity’s interdependence on the natural world and each other. We are balancing hope and heartbreak as we adapt in this time of global pandemic, division, and climate change. These disruptions to our daily life force us to learn new ways to co-exist in community. The Rise of Biology: In nature, freshwater Volvox algae form “daughter colonies” inside their mother cells and work together to move up towards the light to survive. Humanity is in the middle of a Volvox moment. We have to collaborate to solve problems, survive pandemics, demand social justice, deal with climate change, and accept our loneliness, grief, and anxiety as we keep moving towards the light. I choose hope as a strategy but hope mixed with action is essential. Artistic creativity and innovation drive my curiosity and passion for making. Playing with color, texture and form surprises and delights me. I have a BFA and have been balancing a career in Tech, writing, and making art for the past 25 years.