March 2021: Justin Auld

Justin Auld’s work explores the connection between art and the brain’s tendency to find images in random patterns. “Quantum mechanics” describe how a particle has multiple concurrent states of being; these quantum works present simultaneous options of an image. They ask you to question your initial perceptions, to see beyond what is first communicated between the eyes and the brain. In this way, these works reflect how each person inhabits their own universe and sees their own reality. Challenging one’s perceptions is a way to see beyond one’s own universe. Quantum viewing shows multiple realities as one. The works’ cloud forms speak to how humans seek to form sense within chaos. The sky offers countless, ever-changing suggestions of images; early humans looked to the sky and saw gods, which helped them make sense of their world. Changing perception, faces, clouds: these quantum works use the same raw material that formed our minds, legends, and myths, and use them to present the inner workings of the universe.