March 2016: James Lilly

James M. Lilly creates wall sculptures with paint & wood. He terms them as “relics” since that seems to most accurately describe their format and purpose. “My relics are created in a medium which is typically acrylic on wood and starts with a wooden frame like structure. Shapes, objects and textures from the location or event that inspires a piece help determine its overall construction, look, and feel. I build the frames in a traditional wood shop, and often incorporate elements that are cut and engraved with a laser. The surface of the frame is painstakingly faux painted as weathered wood, steel, stone or concrete. A center section spotlights an object or creature(s) of significance, and various written clues are added to the construction as faux painted bronze plaques, metal or wooden badges, engravings, or signage. The format or shape of most work takes on a medieval altarpiece influence and some even have hinged doors and resemble a cabinet. Each piece takes on a very personal theme. Some are tributes to people, special places, and events that I have observed and experienced. Others are private observations that comment about current issues and contemporary life."