March 2014: Jeana Edelman

Jeana Edelman will be presenting two different bodies of work: charcoal/graphite on wood and enamels on metal. A common imagery runs through both mediums: figures and portraits. Both bodies of work shown come from the same source: figures with character arising out of the materials process. The wood pictures are on birch plywood, intoning a responsiveness to nature. Through the wood the figures have a breathing life in them. About the enamels Jeana says, “When I saw the colors available through vitreous enamel I knew it was something I had to explore. One is able to continue adding color in layers and re-firing, so in this way it is much like painting in oil or acrylic. The enamel portraits are a merging of old and new – historic image and dramatic, graphic modernism.” No matter the materials, the message in her pictures is always the same: “as human animals we travel through the world, alone and together, bumping into one another, finding places to be, fitting in, being left out.”