March 2013: Thomas Hughes & Dr. Bob Pliny

Thomas Hughes uses wood, metal, cams, gears, pulleys to create a world of amazing folk inspired kinetic art. The goal of Hughes work is to combine whimsy and connection to the beyond, with kinetic movement and functional purpose. He utilize forms including seed pod shapes, tree branches, birds, and clouds in the compositions. Using wood and metal he fabricates the sculptural forms, which are often finished in milk paint to add color. In addition to the static elements, he adds kinetic movement to each piece through the use of pull chains, weights, track, and bearings. By engaging these mechanical aspects one is granted access to the “theatre” space where items can be displayed by the owner.

Dr. Bob Pliny creates colorful, mixed media paintings, which are at once whimsical and thought provoking.  About his work the self-described Artist, Scientist and Encyclopedist explains: “I hope to encourage a sense of wonder, curiosity and delight in those who view my paintings.  Following this course, I believe that viewers are best prepared to consider their own experience of being and how our awareness of life’s fantastic richness, might be deepened.  For this exhibition my theme explores the role of Personality Types in influencing human behavior.”  These paintings include handwritten text, gold leaf and strokes of color, which surround and energize the smiling buildings, teacups, cars, people, animals and plants that inhabit this Artist’s playful world. He calls his show “Personality Types”.