March 2012: Marcia Hindman & Kim Murton

Kim Murton says it best about her ceramic sculpture: “My intention for this show was to make four legged creatures using a limited amount of shapes, and to see how far I could go. I started with the smaller shapes, working on two pieces at a time, trying to do the unexpected with the basic shapes that I formed. I placed a face where the tail would sensibly be and made a tail out of what could have been the head. Soon a four legged shape became a person, the animals gained six to eight legs, and I gained enough confidence to get larger. Technically large legged shapes are tricky. Cracking is a threat, as well as making sure the piece is balanced and the legs sturdy. Since I wasn't bothered at all by a four-legged woman I figured a six- legged cat was fine. Some of the pieces are bodiless heads, while others are full-bodied creatures. I always like repetition and making variations on the same piece. It is very fun to watch the progression from the first piece to the last. I would not have been able to create the fat cat without making the checkered wild thing. The checkered wild thing came from experimenting with the smaller pieces. The painting and decoration as always is the hardest part. These pieces looked especially nice in the half dry, leather hard stage and it was tempting to just stop there and not paint them at all. In the end I decided to just jump in and paint them and I am pleased with the results. So far this is the most fun that I have had creating a body of work for a show"

Marcia Hindman paints in layers using palette knife and brushes.  Her palette varies but consists of complimentary colors and neutral colors accomplished after mixing the complimentary colors.  Color and texture are important in her work.  This show consists of simpler forms and more open spaces without the repeated patterns you usually see in her work.  The paintings are abstracts of interior spaces, objects found outside and landscapes.