March 2006: Marilyn Lysohir High School Portraits

March is clay month in Portland and galleries throughout the city will be showing a wealth of ceramic artists from all over the country to coincide with the NCECA (National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts) conference.  The Guardino Gallery will be presenting the remarkable work of Moscow, Idaho artist Marilyn Lysohir Marilyn Lysohir has titled her show "Good Girls: 1968 High School Portraits".  The installation is based on a concept that had intrigued her; doing a series of clay portrait busts. While she was home visiting her family in Sharon, Penn., inspiration came from a chance meeting with someone she had gone to high school with 30 years before. It was then that she knew that she would do portraits of all the girls from her 1968 graduating class.  Her goal is the ultimate figure of 167 busts, but will be showing at least 30-40 of that number.