June 2024: Joanie Krug - Oil on Canvas

Joanie Krug is an oil painter. Her subject matter has predominantly focused on women in expressive emotional and social moments. The spontaneity of gesture fuels the spirit of her imagery. Joanie has been exploring the myriad of ways that color, space and design inhabit the rectangle. Moving away from more graphic descriptions, her paintings emote energy and emotion with a varied palette and brushstroke. Most recently, she has been exploring different means to move paint on the surface of the canvas in order to create energized textures, atmosphere and movement. The challenge to form a symbiotic relationship color and shape has guided between her intent in her paintings. Her painting process is an eventful journey- incorporating layers of effort to finally land on a moment of resolution. This body of work is a both tribute to the spontaneous moments in which there are those connections between individuals as well as within each of us as well as the surge of spirited personal energy in kinetic motion.