June 2017: Samyak Yamauchi

Samyak Yamauchi has entitled her paintings for this show “One Step, Two Step”. Samyak says it best, “With every step we take, we move through the story of our lives from birth to death. Every instant of every day, billions of steps are being taken. There are light happy steps, and heavy steps full of sadness. We take automatic, mindless steps that move us from one place to another. Sometimes our steps become a dance. Sometimes we come to a standstill when the unexpected steps into our life. We take figurative steps to meet our goals and get to where and who we want to be in life. We each take millions of steps, and with each step we’re telling a part of our story. When I paint, I go step-by-step. I let the images and their stories emerge from the painting process itself. My first step is to bring an intention to the painting and activate the surface with layers of words, lines and colors. Next, keeping my intention in mind, I look for imagery- usually a person or animal. Then, I work with the negative space to bring out that main image and other things that fit my intention. Somewhere along the line, I let the painting tell its story.”