June 2016: Kelli MacConnell

Kelli MacConnell "Hazelnut Orchard" relief print Kelli MacConnell’s current body of work focuses on the expansive, diverse environment of the Pacific Northwest landscape. MacConnell’s chosen medium is linocut, relief printmaking. She explores the outdoors with careful observation, translating her natural surroundings into richly detailed linocut prints. Her relationship with nature and love of the outdoors is the inspiration for her work. She captures the essence of the majestic trees ever present in the landscape, whether they cling to a high cliff beside a waterfall, form soft, serried ranks in a quiet orchard, or provide a leafy framework to an industrial structure. The story of her experience unfolds as she carves into the block, leaving the raised, un-carved areas to represent a mirror image of the final composition. She prints mostly with black oil-based ink, with a minimal use of accent colors. With the simple use of contrast and minimal color, as well as line manipulation, "I strive to create exhilarating compositions inspired by the natural world."