June 2016: Gay Freeborn

Gay Freeborn will be presenting oil paintings of animals and their relationship with man and each other. She has two series: Love Story and Odd Couples. In Love Story the human/animal bond is explored. It is beyond images. It can only be described as love in it’s completely unconditional, trusting form. To quote, "These paintings portray the intimate conversation between species; the human offering a safe place to rest and trust shown through the eyes of the creatures in their arms.” The Odd Couples concept began while walking in the woods with a pair of dogs, oddly matched as friends because of their size difference. It evolved into small daily paintings of animals I put together just for the fun of it. The possibilities are endless! “But in all of my work, I try to notice those unexpected things that occur when paint is applied to canvas. That might be the color I didn’t expect to pick up from my pallet but just works at the time or the spaces surrounding the subject which is as interesting as the subject. When I “stir the pot” in the painting process it all comes down to ingredients. the concept, the composition, the colors, and the medium.