June 2014: Carolyn Garcia & Jacqui Walton

Carolyn Garcia creates works of art using the medium of paint and pencil. Her art is created with very thin layers of acrylic paint and colored pencil, and she adds “required the aid of reading glasses!” Carolyn says it best, "I spend a great deal of time walking my neighborhood with my dog Sophie. Our walks treat us to the natural treasures my city neighborhood has to offer, a wealth of detail in moss and lichen, animals that are able to thrive in an urban setting (especially crows), wind fallen tree limbs, the minute designs found in leaves and flowers. When I am really focused on these things I feel transported back to childhood when the world around me felt enchanted. I have always been drawn to fairy tales and spent a great deal of my childhood looking for evidence of magic, almost exclusively in nature. I am no different now, and I find that magic while out walking. This show is about that search and also my deep respect and connection to animals.”

Jacquie Walton is a ceramic artist working with mid-fire stoneware clay and matte glazes. Her pottery incorporates the Arts and Crafts aesthetic of both organic and geometric sensibilities. Many of the designs are inspired by Jacquie’s study of the early 20th century American potters, including William H. Grueby and Artus Van Briggle. A hallmark of Arts and Crafts pottery is matte surfaces, and Jacquie has spent several years developing her own matte glazes. Her color palette includes many shades of green as well as lavender, burgundy, terra-cotta, topaz, and mustard. The glaze colors are serene and calming and complement both classical and contemporary bungalow interiors. From throwing to sculpted decoration to glaze work, Jacquie strives for excellent craftsmanship that unites form, design, and surface.