June 2013: Deborah Faye Lawrence & Mar Goman

Mar Goman will be showing new work in a variety of media including wall-mounted boxes from her PHARMACY OF THE SOUL series;  framed collages, drawings, and paintings done on reclaimed papers,  a series of fabric figures, and an assortment of unframed work.  The work addresses her usual themes of existential angst, relationships, longing, death, and the psycho-spiritual journey.  She continues to work with a muted palette and to include text in many of her pieces.  As well as traditional art materials, she uses found papers, rusty metal, altered bottles, sticks, stones, bones, buttons, old photographs, and other finds from antique stores or urban alleys.

Deborah Faye Lawrence creates satirical collages. She explains, “I am continually motivated by the two-dimensional images and text of popular culture. As the material crosses my table, I’m compelled to analyze, categorize and make meaning via a process of cutting, manipulating and composing found information to report on social, emotional, historic and current events. Since the moment I adopted collage as a medium, my defiance of authority and rebellion against political conservatism have been asserted in my work in one way or another. I flatter myself that I am appropriating and re-contextualizing pictures and text in the spirit of masters like Hannah Höch, Raoul Hausmann and John Heartfield: politically detached and bemused; passionately outraged and invigorated.