July 2021 - The Toy Show

This show has been created for the delight of both children and adults (who harbor the child in themselves). I have been doing 3 group shows a year (LittleThings-20 yrs, Day of the Dead-14 yrs and January Print Show 3 years). When Covid hit I started thinking about “lightning the mood” with another group show. Something whimsical to make people smile.  I love giving artists a theme and seeing what they come up with: From hand carved whirly-gigs, handmade dolls, mechanical sculptures to paintings and felt wall works.  Expect surprises  from an artists I never know what the final work will be, but I have picked people that I trust to create something wonderful.

There are 22 artist participating: Laura Barstow, Stephanie Brockway, Chris Cole, Mar Goman, Thomas Hughes, Alicia Justus, Gesine Kratzner, Mavis Leahy, Joanee Licardo, Jill McVarish, Hickory Mertsching, Kim Murton, Gail Owen, Susan Opie, Dawn Panttaja, Dan Pillers, Thomas Rude, Rodney Stuart, Jill Torberson, Mike Wellins, Robyn Williams & Noelle Zimel.