July 2016: Jeanne Drevas

Jeanne Drevas "Bad Sex" skate board/mixed media Jeanne Drevas creates sculptures out of surprising materials, she gleans materials that are all around her. For this show she has chosen to use skateboards. She loves the distressed graphics, the strength and beauty of skateboards, the life that these decks once provided to skateboarders and now she is seeing just what they offer to her. Skateboards were something I'd mostly seen at a distance, as they zoomed along under boys (mostly). But I'd seen enough close up to be fascinated by the distressed graphics on the undersides of the decks, the sides that get marred by all the attempts at curbs, stairs, railings and who knows what. I know, why not just paint a piece of flat plywood and cut it up. Maybe I will do that, but that does not have the feel of the immediacy of distressed decks and where they came from, the streets of any town or city. I'm honoring all those kids who didn't know they were creating material for my new exploration. Jeanne was very drawn to the vessel form and that was the first, and most difficult objects she said made. She will also be showing wall assemblages, articulated figures, Miro-like standing sculptures, jewelry, even a wheeled pull toy.