July 2010: James Dowlen & Jaquline Hurlbert

JACQULINE HURLBERT Her process involves a combination of quick, aggressive clay manipulation and methodical rendering of detail. “I love the responsive nature of clay and I use the cracks and stretch marks of a thrown slab to generate tension in the surface. This stretching of the clay lends character and interest to the figures I create.” I use few tools and find that my hands suffice for most of the sculpting. I work quickly and with much gusto. I find that this gives me a finished piece that has energy and life in it. After the artwork is dry, I fire it to cone 05, this prepares it for the final surface treatment. I am rather unorthodox in my finishes. I use everything I can get my hands on, including underglazes, oils, waxes and /or acrylics. What I try to do in clay is to communicate my thoughts and ideas through symbolism. Each piece is a unique expression of my response to my inner world and my world around me . “I started using the thrown form as a canvas for elements of the human form. Suddenly, pots were sprouting faces, torsos, and legs,” she says. “Gradually, the figure superseded the thrown form until the figure stood on its own as sculpture.” sculpting the human form. “The figures I create dramatize the struggle for self acceptance through the continuing exploration of the various aspects of what we call personality,” she says. “What is needed is the self-examination of the soul—and the world around me James Dowlen Original paintings in Oils and Acrylics / Hand Made Frames. The paintings of James Dowlen are from a timeless universal and mythological place. I have worked in oils since I was a young teenager and fortunate to have had one long continuous run. Sold my first painting when I was 14. It was sort of a Twilight Zone image and that theme of mystery, questioning the unknown, and spiritual pursuit has captivated my attention since those early days. The pleasure of sharing these new works is second only to the pleasure of creating them. I think of these paintings as artifacts or proof of my travels. These paintings are what I bring back with me from distant shores of imagination. I am always packed and eager for the next dream journey. This to me is more fruitful than actually packing an easel with a paint kit and heading for the great outdoors. I have never lost track of my playful dreams and insatiable intrigue with worldly curiosities. World travels to Asia, Indonesia and Europe as well as personal spiritual explorations all filter down into my art and provide endless surrealistic material. I am excited by the positive response to my latest works. These new paintings are rooted in my own personal mythology but my symbols are universal and are meant to trigger personal response in the viewer. I work to capture my aesthetic through rich paint surfaces, textures, and careful presentation as well as iconic imagery in each painting. I hand build each frame which is unique to each painting and I consider the frame as much a part of the art work as the painting itself.