July 2008: Erik Korhel & HsinYi Huang

Erik Korhel is a painter using a medium consisting of oil paint on a cardboard canvas. He uses cardboard because he likes the complimentary contrast with the oil color and texture it provides. Ideas for his paintings are brought up internally, focusing on youth’s loss, innocence and the struggles of incorporating these issues within his art. Within his work, he uses symbols as a means of expressing feeling’s stemming and incorporating physical, emotional, nostalgia and childhood delights. “

Hsin-yi Huang ceramic sculptures are based on shapes found in nature. She works primarily with clay. Her work resembles both the human body and plant life. Though some shapes imitate organic flowers, others are recognizable as birds. She uses her subjects as a metaphor of her experiences. Through her work she provides a visual commentary to daily encounters with people and events. In the process of finding ways to articulate her inner thoughts, she believes she is able to learn the truth about herself.