January 2018: Paul Griffitts

Paul Griffitts creates 3D fractal art, which has only been possible since 2009, representing the cutting edge of technology, mathematics, and art. These works are composed of 3d fractal building blocks--mathematical formulas--which I combine together in various ways to express "potentialities." Since we recognize the beauty of fractals all around us in nature--e.g. ferns, flowers, sea shells, and mountains--these works have a sense of the familiar about them. Even though they may not exist in our reality, and indeed may appear somewhat strange, it's not difficult to imagine them existing somewhere--perhaps in another dimension. “I prefer a direct head-on view of my "fractal accretions"; a viewpoint which tends to de-emphasize the 3d nature of the medium and results in a more traditional 2d image, albeit with telltale traces of the 3rd dimension.  The mathematical formulas are combined in such a way that they merge with other formulas, and take on some of their characteristics. The fundamental beauty of mathematics, as seen in nature, finds a new means of expression with the aid of advanced technology.”