June 2024: Heather Bellamy - Ceramic Sculpture

Heather Bellamy works in sculptural clay. She combines images of dresss and flowers, createing an imaginative combination. “This body of sculptures has taken me four years to create. The overall sentiment is that humans have the capacity to blossom depending on the work they put into their inner world. Along with the fact that flowers are as lovely as they can be no matter what the exterior situation is going on around them. We can learn from them. Creating art has always been a way for me to navigate my self. When I look back at my work through the past thirty years I can pin point precisely what was on my mind. In my 20’s I created houses and nests in anticipation of my own home. In my 30’s I made birds wearing dresses holding different amounts of eggs. I soon became a mother myself. In my 40’s I created figures surrendering and untying knots. I was raising teenagers. Now in my 50’s I am creating sculptures on just being.”