February 2018: Nancy Abens

Nancy Abens uses photography to show the opulence and voluptuous nature of flower arrangements. The rich colors and textures of the backgrounds served as inspiration for these pieces. “I was given 3 calla lilies by a friend. I put them in a vase with a peony that I had  just cut from my garden and added a branch of barberry. It was so beautiful that I decided to photograph it. That was the starting point of this body of work.” She worked as a florist for nearly 12 years. “I thought I could start chronicling my garden by creating flower arrangements of what was blooming throughout the year. I have an abundance of subject matter! The finished mages were then transferred onto painted birch panels using a special transfer film and solution. I thought this technique would be a way to show the arrangements in a new way. I have always been drawn to the flower paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries. There is a beauty that is sensual, mysterious, and spiritual in a most profound way." She uses photography and the camera as a tool for gathering images to create something else. “It is important to me to bring more beauty into this world. I try to do this through growing a lush garden full of flowers, appreciating the wonders of nature, and creating artworks to share that beauty and wonder with others.“