February 2016: Anna Wiancko-Chasman

Anna Wiancko works in clay, paint, mixed media, and found objects to create unusual and expressive sculptures and assemblages. She explores irony, humor and whimsy as a necessary part of that communication. “I was introduced to the natural world as a child, as my parents were both avid outdoors people and activists for the environment. I often took pencils and paper into the back country when we camped or stayed in our cabin in the High Sierras.” A deep love of art, nature and animals became rooted in her, and these dual passions have inspired and guided her. “I found that both animals and art were wonderful companions, which enabled me to express myself in ways I otherwise could not. When I lost my daughter to cancer, art helped give me strength and the courage to heal. However, I need, as most of us need, to balance the difficult messages with humor and play”.