December 2014: Little Things #14

This will be the 14th year of the ever-popular Little Things Show.  Now a tradition, it hard to remember a holiday season here at the gallery without it.  The concept for the show is easy:  Artists were given the assignment of creating “Little” artwork.  No restrictions, as long it was 7” X 7” or under (including frame & stand). 

 The show is geared to holiday sales.  The buyer will be able to carry their artwork out at the time of purchase.  The show you see on the first day will not be the same show on the last day, as artists bring in new work or simply sell out as the show progresses.  This is a great opportunity to “Give the Gift of Art” at affordable prices by local artists as holiday presents or to decorate your own special corner or cubbyhole (that "little" spot in your home).  A wide variety of mediums will be represented: paintings, clay, fused glass, encaustic, metal, wood, photography, fiber art and mixed media. 

Participating artists (some of your favorites and some new people as well):
Diane Archer
Virginia Ashby
Paula Blackwell
Emilio Berwick
Susan Boase
Alea Bone
Stephanie Brockway
Scot Cameron-Bell
Beth Collins
Kurumi Conley
Meaghan Dunne
Gillian Freney
Michelle Gallagher
Brita Gould
Kim Hamblin
Carolyn Hazel-Drake
George Heath
Iver & Jen Hennig
Robert Huff
Jackie Hurlbert
Lori Judge
Janet Julian
Gesine Kratzner
Mari Livie
Jo Lundberg
Donna Mattson
Sylvia Miller
Lulu Moon Murakami
Kim Murton
A. G. Quinn
Paul X Rutz
Michael Southern
Gloria Sowell
Sue Thomas
Janet VanCleve
Karen Van Hoy
Christopher B Wagner
Tracey Waldron
Anna Wiancko-Chasman
John Wirth
Cathie Joy Young