December 2003: Little Things 3

For the third year running, the Guardino Gallery will present their Holiday show "Little Things."  A show where everything is little.  Twenty seven artists were given the challenge to make artwork that would fit within a 7" X 7" square/cube.   The artwork that will be shown is as varied as the artists.  

While most of the artists in the show are use to working on a far larger scale, they responded with enthusiasm.  For example Robert Huff has translated his photographic emulsion pieces to small rounds of a tree limb, Mark Perry' large scale etchings are now under 7" X 7", frame and all, Mar Goman offers a collection of small doll-like constructions and Marcia Hindman' paintings and Kim Hamblin mixed media pieces have been scaled down in size.

The twenty seven artists are Ron Antoniono, Serena Barton, Ronit Fahl, Scott Foster, Jennifer Forti, Nick Gadbois, Mar Goman, Kim Hamblin, Patricia Heimerl, Marcia Hindman, Robert Huff, Elissa Knoper, Jessica Kreutter, Lynn Lindgren, Julie Martin, Beth Mills, Lorna Nakell, Mark Perry, Lam Quang, Nicole Rawlins, Kara Sparkman, Matt Stewart, Margaret Synan, Carole Turner, June Underwood, Para Winingham and Sumi Wu.