August 2023: Cheryl Quintana - Ceramic Sculpture

Cheryl Quintana is a self-taught ceramic sculptor who lives in the Pacific NW. A native of the Midwest, her sculptures reflect a love of all thing’s animal, including the occasional barnyard variety. On January 3, 2017, Cheryl Quintana said “Goodbye!”, to the corporate world, picked up a 25-pound bag of clay, and started teaching herself to sculpt.Never once regretting this decision, the artist now aspires to constantly evolve her ceramic sculptures and hopes to reach her audience through her work. “My evolution into a ceramic sculptor came into being because of my captivation with the process of changing an inanimate 25-pound bag of clay into sculptures that come alive! Working with a limited set of tools, with drive, passion, and dedication, I strive to bring life, joy and happiness into each sculpture that I create.  I’m realizing my enchanted world, one sculpture at a time. All the sculptured animals that you see in this show are created using mid-range clay, glazes and interactive pigments.  The sculptures are fired in an electric kiln, from two to three times, depending upon the final effect desired.  Each piece is a hand-made original, no molds are used in the process, which keeps my sculptural creation & exploration thriving!”